Rick Henderson has been in music his entire life - from singing along with records and banging on a toy guitar at the age of two - 'til now.   He received his first guitar at the age of ten...a second-hand, Silvertone, flat-top acoustic with strings "a foot high off the neck".   He learned the chords of G, C, and D from his older brother Mike and has been at it ever since.

He was invited to sing a song at a VFW picnic when he was eleven years old.  He sang "Your Cheatin' Heart", and he was bitten by the performer's bug.   He became a regular guest singer with Sol Tankersley and the Rounders. He was later joined by Doug Harlow, a young, talented, high-energy drummer, and the long journey down the music highway began.

Over the years there have been changes in musicians, and along the way there were different band names as combination of guitarists, bassists, pianists, steel guitarists, and others joined the journey.  The list of talented and entertaining performers that have supported the dream is a long one and goes on and on....

The Rounders...Sol Tankersley (Steel Guitar/Lead Guitar), Bill Hanning (Bass), Jimmy Hanning (Lead Guitar), Freddy Hodson (Drums), Doug Harlow (Drums).

The Three H's...Rick Henderson, Dale Hall (Lead Guitar), Doug Harlow, Drums

The Country Exspectations...Rick Henderson, Doug Harlow (Drums), Dale Hall (Lead Guitar), Lynn Ackley (Bass), Kent Smith (Bass), Elmer Huff (Steel Guitar), Cindy Scott (Vocals/Piano), Randy Wells (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Steve Marlin (Drums), Chubby Howard (Steel Guitar), Travis McDowell (Lead Guitar), Mark Glasgow (Lead Guitar), Diane Walker (Vocals), Violet Jordan (Vocals), Ed Van Hoose (Vocals/Lead Guitar).

Hickory Grove...Rick Henderson, Randy Wells (Lead Guitar), Steve Marlin (Drums), Lynn Ackley (Bass), Doug Harlow (Drums), Dino Wiedenheft (Bass), John Anderson (Bass), JoAnn Anderson (Vocals), Terry Shaw (Vocals).

Taylor Made...Rick Henderson, Debbie Taylor (Vocals), Dino Wiedenheft (Bass), Ed Mull (Steel Guitar), Randy Wells (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Steve Marlin (Drums).

BlackStone...Rick Henderson, Randy Wells (Lead Guitar), Ben White (Drums), John Anderson (Bass).

The SHOTGUN Band...Rick Henderson, Sherry Kaye (Vocals), Doug Harlow (Drums), John Anderson (Bass), Cracker Shaw (Vocals/Lead Guitar/Fiddle), Jesse Van Hoose (Vocals/Piano), Jimmy Watts (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Randy Wells (Vocal/Lead Guitar), Greg Wisecup (Vocals/Steel Guitar), Ben White (Drums), Andy Russ (Drums), Steve Wilson (Drums), Ted Jakovek (Bass), Steve Wilson (Drums), Chris Norvell (Drums), Steve Ison (Guitar),

and many, many, more....the journey continues.


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